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STS application instructions 

What is STS Service?

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), CATS offers paratransit services to individuals who, because of a disability (physical, cognitive or visual), cannot access fixed routes buses. The ADA defines eligibility for complementary Paratransit service in 49 CFR Section 37.123 of the federal regulations. CATS Special Transportation Service (STS) operates the paratransit system which is a pre-scheduled, shared-ride, origin to destination service.


Schedule My Trip

Currently under system maintenance.  For assistance, contact STS at 704-336-2637.


What is the STS Service Area?

The STS service operates under the ADA law, which guarantees all trips within the system's service area. The STS service area is defined as the area up to ¾ of a mile on either side of an existing fixed or local bus route. Service is available on the same days and times that the fixed-route in the area are operating.

You can be approved for STS service even if your residence in not with-in the service area. Under such circumstances you would be required to be picked up and dropped off at a location that is with-in ¾'s of a mile of the service area.

When CATS makes service level changes to the fixed route bus service, there can be potential impacts to the ADA ¾ mile service area for STS riders. When these changes occur, they may affect your ability to receive our services from your residence or to a desired drop off location.

How is eligibility determined?

If you have a disability that prevents you from using a fixed route bus, some or all trips, may be eligible for STS paratransit service.


Eligibility is determined by three factors:

1.      Your ability to get to and from the bus stop

2.      Your ability to board and exit the bus

3.      Your cognitive ability to navigate the fixed route bus system


Operational issues that are not used to determine STS eligibility include:

1.      Age

2.      Distance to and from a bus stop

3.      Lack of bus service in area

4.      Overcrowded buses


Completing your Application

Individuals interested in applying for STS can receive an application via mail, fax, or online. To receive an application via mail or fax, contact STS at 704-336-2637 or download your application instructions.

On your application, you will need to describe your disability and how it impacts your ability to use CATS fixed route service.  Make sure that ALL questions have been answered and that the professional verification sheet (page 11 of the application) has been signed. If your application is not complete, it will be returned to you.  After you have completed your application, you can mail your application to:

Special Transportation Services

901 North Davidson Street

Charlotte NC 28206

Or you may fax the completed application to STS at the following number: 704-336-5119.

Once STS receives your application, you may be contacted to schedule your appointment for an in-person interview and possibly a functional assessment.

Once your interview and assessment are complete, you will be considered either:

  • Eligible to ride STS
  • Eligible with conditions or
  • Ineligible to ride STS 

    Those considered as eligible to ride STS will be sent a letter of determination stating their certification and their eligibility to use CATS' STS service.

    Applicants determined to be ineligible or eligible with conditions may appeal their evaluation.  An independent panel has been established to hear appeals and does include a person with a disability.
    Depending on the nature of your disability, STS may also require that you be certified by a Functional Assessment professional that you are unable to use CATS Fixed Routes Buses. STS staff will let you know if this assessment will be required. The new ADA regulations require that STS transport those with disabilities who:
  • Are unable to board, ride or get off an accessible bus without the assistance of someone, other than the operator of the lift or other boarding device, or
  • Are able to board, ride and get off an accessible bus, but require Transportation during a time when such a bus is not being used on a route, or
  • Have a specific impairment-related condition that prevents them from traveling to or from a bus stop.





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