Riding Para-Transit

During the current coronavirus crisis, in order to ensure we are following the safe distancing policy, STS will be only providing curb to curb service. We will suspend escorting to and from your door and entrances. If you need assistance from the curb, please schedule for an attendant to ride with you, at no additional charge.​​

Riding STS

You need to schedule your ride(s) and obtain either pre-paid STS tickets or an STS monthly pass.

To Schedule A Ride
STS customer service representatives are available Monday - Sunday between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.

When scheduling a trip(s), STS customer service representatives will need to know:

  • The exact address of your pick-up and drop-off locations
  • ​The date and time(s) to be picked-up and dropped-off

​STS provides two basic types of service requests:

On-Demand Service Request​

STS accepts service requests for the next day or for sometime within the next five days. For example: On June 1, you could call to request a trip on June 2 or any day through June 6. Remember, you must call between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. to schedule transportation. You may schedule up to 4 one-way trips during any one-phone call. Each time you board STS, that boarding is considered a trip. So, riding to the mall to shop and then riding back home is two trips.

Subscription Service Request

Subscription service is limited by the ADA. Subscription service is designed for people who need to travel to the same place at the same time repeatedly; for instance, to work, school or kidney dialysis. A subscription allows you to call once and set up your schedule, rather than calling for each trip. Subscription service is available only if you schedule 6 or more trips a week to the same place at the same time (Remember, 3 round-trip requests are the same as 6 trips).

If you use the subscription service and your work or school schedule changes, you will need to reapply. Call STS at 704-336-2637 to apply for subscription service. If subscription service can not be immediately arranged, you may still call STS during regular business hours and schedule your desired trips individually.

The ADA requires that we limit the total number of subscription reservations to ensure availability to customers who wish to schedule individual trips.
 Visitors' use of STS
  1. Eligible visitors will be served for a period of 21 days - during any 12 month period

    1. Individuals from outside CATS' service area will be served by CATS STS service as ADA Visitors if they are unable to use accessible, fixed route transportation services due to disability related functional limitations.
    2. According to ADA regulations, an individual residing outside of the area served by CATS STS service is eligible for complementary paratransit service as a visitor.
      1. If the individual presents documentation of ADA paratransit eligibility from his or her home jurisdiction.
      2. If the individual has no such documentation (of ADA paratransit eligibility), then the individual is to provide documentation of residence outside of CATS' service area and, if the individual's disability is not apparent, proof of the disability.  This might include, for example, a letter from a doctor. 
    3. To request visitor status, contact CATS STS Certification Coordinator by:
      1. Calling  by 704-336-5055 
      2. Mail to:
        STS Certification Coordinator
        901 North Davidson Street
        Charlotte, N.C.  28206
      4. Fax:  to STS Certification Coordinator – 704-336-5119
    4. Please be prepared to give:
      1. Information verifying eligibility as an ADA eligibility from outside of CATS' service area, or
      2. Evidence of disability as described in 2.a and 2.b above
      3. Expected dates when visitor desires to use Access
      4. Access Customer Service will process the application promptly.
    5. The visitor will be notified of the determination regarding status as an ADA eligible visitor within 24 hours and if eligible, information will be entered into the rider database.

Providing feedback or ADA Complaint.

    • To provide feedback or register an ADA complaint please click here for our customer service contact info.
Braille Schedules and Info:

CATS has the ability to have translated in braille services schedules and other documents and- information. To request braille documents contact CATS customer service at 704-336-7433 or email Telltransit@charlottenc.gov


CATS Special Transportation Service​ - 704-336-2637

CATS STS Certification Coordinator - 704-336-5055

CATS Customer Service - 704-336-RIDE

  • Transit information
  • Trip planning
  • Braille and large print schedules
  • Information/Questions
  • Complaints/Requests
  • Transit ID's

TTD - 704-336-5051