Solid Waste Services

COVID-19 Updates

In response to national health concerns and social distancing mandates, Solid Waste Services has made adjustments in our collection processes and schedule to limit exposure to our employees, which includes suspension of non-essential services. Please read our FAQ for additonal information. We appreciate your patience and understanding with this matter.

City of Charlotte Solid Waste Services is only collecting garbage and recycling at this time. Yard waste and bulk item collection is suspended for 30 days or until further notice. Please note:

  • Garbage and recycling will continue to be collected as scheduled.
  • Yard waste collection is suspended. Please note that yard waste CANNOT be disposed of in the garbage or recycling cart. It is illegal in North Carolina to put yard waste in the landfill. Yard waste that is visible in the garbage or recycling cart will result in the cart(s) NOT being collected.
  • Bulk items scheduled that were previously scheduled will be collected as scheduled. Immediately, any new bulk item requests will be scheduled at least 30 days out.
  • Beginning Monday, March 30, recyclables will not be collected outside the recycling cart. All materials, including cardboard, must be loosely placed in the recycling cart. Cardboard must be cut or torn, not folded, into pieces small enough to fit loosely in the cart.
  • To find out when your recyclables will be collected please click Look-up Collection Day below, call 311 or check the CLT+ app.
  • IF YOU HAVE DISPOSAL ITEMS FROM A QUARANTINED HOME please double bag your garbage and place your recyclables in the garbage as well until your quarantined period is over.

I hereby pledge to upcycle, reuse, compost and recycle at every opportunity presented.

I will reduce my use of environmentally harmful products such as single-use plastics and Styrofoam.

I promise to do my part by practicing upcycling, reusing, composting, and recycling to make my community a more sustainable place to live.

If you're ready to commit to a greener lifestyle, click here. For more on waste reduction strategies, tips on how to save at the grocery store and food preparation and storage tools, download our easy to follow resource guide. Don't forget to check out our Healthy Communities page for healthy eating tips and recipes!

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