Solid Waste Leadership Team

Solid Waste Leadership Team

​Solid Waste Leadership Team

​The Solid Waste Services Leadership Team consists of the Director, the deputy director and division managers. This team of managers advises the Director on organizational and operational policies and procedures pertaining to their specific area of expertise.  A listing of each member, their area of responsibility, and contact information is below.

Rodney Jamison 

Rodney Jamison Director

Eric DeLaPena 

Eric DeLaPena Deputy Director
of Operations & Safety Division

Ellen Price 

Ellen Price
Deputy Director of Administration

Noble Scott 

Noble Scott Operations Division

Keith Higgins​ 

Keith Higgins​ Special Services

Leron McIver 

Leron McIver Fleet Management

Shirley Belton 

Shirley Belton Customer Service

Ed Reaves 

Ed Reaves Technology Services Division

Louie Moore 

Contact Louie Moore Administration Division

Crystal Legette 

Crystal Legette Human Resources Division

Brandi Williams 

Brandi Williams Public Service Division

Esperanza Dash 

Esperanza Dash Recycling Contract Services

Merica Green 

Merica Green Facilities Management & Training

Merica Green 

Nikia Davis Green Administrative Services

Merica Green 

LaShonya Walker Safety Division