Charlotte Land Development Standards Manual

300030.00Special Erosion Control Requirements & Notes15
300130.01Temporary Sediment Trap15
3002A30.02ASkimmer Sediment Basin22
3003A30.03ASediment Basin22
3003B30.03BGeneral Notes - Sediment Basins15
300430.04Flexible Pipe Slope Drain20
300530.05Temporary Silt Ditch22
3006A30.06ATemporary Silt Fence15
3006B30.06BHigh Hazard Temporary Silt Fence15
3006C30.06CSilt Fence Outlet20
3006D30.06DSuper Silt Fence18
300730.07Block and Gravel Stone Inlet Protection
300830.08Stone Inlet Protection
300930.09Hardware Cloth and Gravel Inlet Protection1
3010A30.10ATemporary Rock Check Dam15
3010B30.10BTemporary Rock Check Dam With Matting and PAM22
3010C30.10CTemporary Wattle Check Dam With Matting and Optional PAM20
3011A30.11AStabilized Construction Entrance15
3011B30.11BConstruction Entrance Tire Wash15
3011C30.11CConstruction Entrance - Single Family Lot12
301230.12Gravel and Rip-Rap Filter Berm Basin19
301330.13Erosion Control Dewatering
301430.14Temporary Stream Crossing15
301530.15Catch Basin Inlet Protection13
301630.16Slope Stability12
301730.17Temporary Seeding Schedule9
301830.18Temporary Rolled Asphalt Berm21
301930.19Baffle Installation22
302030.20Embankment Matting Detail22
302130.21Brick Storm Structure with Temporary Pipe
3022A30.22ABypass Pumping15
3022B30.22BSuspended Bypass Pipe15
3022C30.22CPiped Diverson15
302330.23Turbidity Curtain18