The CLT Development Center continues to maintain plan review, permitting and field inspections as allowed by the stay-at-home order. For the last several weeks, we continue to make modifications to the ways we deliver services to protect customers, staff and the community.

Requests and scheduling for virtual meetings for urban and commercial pre submittals continues to be offered. Please contact Nan Peterson, Business Relation Manager, npeterson@charlottenc.gov or 704.336.6691 with questions or inquiries.

Staff will reinstate application intake for expedited and enhanced services on Friday, May 1st, 2020. Details of these services and option are available on the website.

  • Prior to submitting for an Expedited Commercial review, please make sure that the Senior Engineer assigned to the area has allowed this submittal to be expedited.

    • To determine who the Senior Engineer assigned to a project specific geographical area, please go to Charlotte Explorer, Planning layer, Land Development Engineering Reviewers.

    • Or, email Nan Peterson, npeterson@charlottenc.gov

  • In order to ensure the success of an Enhanced Subdivision or Urban Submittal, prior to submitting please contact Nan Peterson via email at npeterson@charlottenc.gov with the details of the project. She will distribute to the review team so they are aware of the project and if there are any outstanding questions or concerns, they can be addressed prior to the submittal. This will, also, allow for a staggering of submittals (if needed) so that one review team is not overwhelmed with Enhanced projects.

  • Expedited plats can be submitted at any time

A key modification to field staff operation has been an increased focus and emphasis on physical distancing and if necessary, rescheduling of field inspections. Where it is not possible to maintain 6 feet of distance or if this distance is violated, the inspector may request the work area be cleared while he or she conducts the inspection. Failure to clear the area may result in the denial of inspection and the inspection will be rescheduled. When appropriate, an inspector may choose to return to the site when there are less construction team members working (early morning or late afternoon). We thank you for your understanding. The City is here to serve our customers and partner with you to keep projects moving forward while ensuring everyone’s safety.

Plan review fees may be mailed or delivered by Federal Expressed/UPS to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center, 600 E. Fourth St. in Charlotte. For additional information regarding land development fees, please contact the CLT Development Center or the Planning, Design and Development Department. Staff will continue to review plans with the understanding that there may be delays in fee submittals. Plans will be submitted to gateway if the only outstanding requirement is fee payment. The expectation is that fees will be paid upon plan approval. p>

City of Charlotte Land Development staff will be allowed to enter the Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center and Suttle Avenue to complete tasks that cannot be completed remotely.

Staff will sign mylars weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Mylars will be mailed to Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center, Attn: CLT Development Center, 600 E. Fourth Street and include a prepaid return address label.

New surety postings, estimates, reductions and releases are being reviewed and processed.

CLT Development Center

Located on the first floor of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center, the CLT Development Center is a space for developers and design teams to access to city staff in a single location for city development permitting services. Development service teams from the Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT), Engineering, Urban Forestry, Construction Inspection, Charlotte Water, Erosion Control, Subdivision, Zoning, Fire, and Plan Review Coordination are in the CLT Development Center.

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Expedited Plan Review

The expedited commercial plan review process is available for commercial site plans. Once plans are accepted through the gateway, the standard review cycle for submittals and resubmittals will be five business days. Some project exclusions apply.

Expedited plat plan reviews will be completed by city staff within 10 business days of the first submittal, and within 5 business days for resubmittals. Learn more about Expedited Commercial Plan Review.

Enhanced Plan Review

The Enhanced Review Option is available for urban projects*, and commercial and residential subdivisions. Enhanced urban plan reviews will be completed by city staff within 15 business days of the first submittal and within five business days for resubmittals. Enhanced subdivision plan reviews will be completed by city staff within 20 business days of the first submittal and within 10 business days for resubmittals. Some project exclusions apply. Learn more about Enhanced Review.

*Urban projects have the zoning classifications of: UMUD, MUDD, PED, TOD, TS, and RE-3


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