​Permits and Licenses



Animal registrationAnimal registration
Alarm registrationAlarm registration
Beer and wine permitsBeer and wine permits
Block party permitsBlock party permits
Business licenseBusiness license
Building permit - commercialBuilding permit - commercial
Building permit - residentialBuilding permit - residential
Fence and wall certificateFence and wall certificate
Fire-permit applicationsFire-permit applications
Garage and yard sale permitsGarage and yard sale permits
Gun permitsGun permits
Lane closure permitsLane closure permits
Marriage licenseMarriage license
Oversize house-moving permitOversize house-moving permit
Register a fire alarm system impairmentRegister a fire alarm system impairment
Right-of-way use permitRight-of-way use permit
Sidewalk closure permitsSidewalk closure permits
Special events, parades and festivalsSpecial events, parades and festivals
Street closure permitsStreet closure permits
Tent guidelines and permitsTent guidelines and permits

Commercial projects will typically require at least one driveway entrance to a public street.
Obtaining plan approval from City Land Development is really just the beginning step in the overall process of developing a commercial site in Mecklenburg County and the City of Charlotte.
(storm water) The requirements are different in a regulated floodplain.
(EPM)The City of Charlotte's Erosion Control Program originated from a State action, which granted local government authority to enforce the Sedimentation Pollution Control Act of 1973 and specifically the erosion control requirements.
(Transportation)Welcome to the City of Charlotte website for Special Events, Parades (including races on city streets), and Festivals. To use this page, you must first register, then you can:
Alarm RegistrationIf you have an electronic burglar alarm system installed within the city limits of Charlotte or the unincorporated areas of Mecklenburg County, it must be registered.
Animal RegistrationYou've arrived at the best-in-class provider of animal licensing services!
Beer and wine permitsIf an Alcohol Permit is needed for a private event such as a wedding reception, please call the Alcohol Beverage Commission in Raleigh, NC at 919-779-0700 or visit  
Building Permit - CommercialStand-alone permits for minor work not requiring plan review may be issued on a case-by-case basis. Commercial trade permits are handled through the Commercial Technical Assistance Center (CTAC).
Building Permit - ResidentialProvide customers with information and technical assistance in relation to the North Carolina Building Code.
Business LicenseThe Privilege License Tax has been repealed in North Carolina, effective July 1, 2015.  As a result, no privilege license renewal applications will be mailed
Fence and wall certificateA certificate of authorization must be obtained from the Charlotte Department of Transportation prior to building a fence or wall. 
Garage, Yard sales and Attic PermitsA license is required inside the City Limits of Charlotte when having a garage sale or attic sale (commonly known as yard sale).
Gun PermitsYou MUST come in to the Sheriff’s Office within five (5) business days after you have completed the online portion of the application.
Inspection Payments, Fire Prevention Forms and Permit Applications Inspection Payments, Fire Prevention Forms and Permit Applications
Marriage LicenseThe Register of Deeds Office, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina provides this web site as a public service.
Oversize house moving permitHouse moving companies must obtain and submit a Permit Application For Oversize Load / House Move to the Right-of-way Management Section of the Department of Transportation.
Right of Way Use PermitContractors and service providers wanting to temporarily occupy a traffic lane, planting strip or sidewalk within the public right of way (ROW) must obtain a Right of Way Use Permit from CDOT.
Utility Cut Certification ClassThe Charlotte Department of Transportation monitors all utility rights-of-way excavations. Utility companies / agencies or their contractors must be certified prior to obtaining a street cut permit.