Activities impacting City right of way often require a permit. Contractors and service providers wanting to temporarily (more than five minutes and less than 30 days) occupy a traffic lane, planting strip or sidewalk within the public right of way (ROW) must obtain a Right of Way Use Permit from CDOT. Each request to occupy the ROW is considered on a case-by-case basis to ensure that there is no adverse impact to public safety. Additionally, all requests must comply with CDOT's Work Area Traffic Control Handbook (WATCH).

Permits are issued for these situations:

  • Lane Closure - closing one or more lanes of a street.

  • Sidewalk Closure - closing a sidewalk. Suitable provisions for pedestrians must be made.

  • Street Crossing - installing a utility across a street by closing successive lanes.

  • Street Closure - closing the entire street usually requires preparing a detour plan and advance notice to the Police and Fire Departments.

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