Creek Week

Did you know that there are over 3,000 miles of creeks in Charlotte-Mecklenburg? More than fifty named creeks and tributaries run throughout our County and those creeks then make up 17 watersheds (an area of land which drains to the same waterway). There are 11 watersheds that are identified as “TMDL Watersheds” or total maximum daily load (TMDL). These watersheds require extra attention and monitoring to assure they meet water quality standards. This Creek Week we will be focusing on a TMDL watershed each day of the week to let our residents know some interesting facts and happenings in that area. Stay tuned to Get to Know Your Creeks!

  • Goose Creek Watershed:
  • Steele Creek Watershed:
  • McAlpine Creek Watershed:
  • Lake Wylie Watershed:
  • Sugar Creek Watershed:
  • Irwin Creek Watershed:
  • McDowell Creek Watershed:
  • Little Sugar Creek Watershed:

Creek Week Volunteer Events

We will be hosting a daily volunteer event March 20-27. Visit our Sign-Up Genius to register!

Events Hosted by Our Partners

  • 3/22, 2:00-4:00pm – Parks and Recreation hosts “MDNP NC Stream Watch: Citizen Science”

    Are you looking for something the whole family can enjoy while being near the water? Join us on World Water Day! North Carolina Stream Watch is an amazing resource to use to become familiar with the streams in your community. This program is perfect for learners of all ages interested in exploring the health of streams. Learn what it takes to join the NC Stream Watch community! Register here!

  • 3/25 @ 12:15-12:45pm - Park and Recreation hosts “Not Your Average Live Stream”

    In the past year you've likely streamed movies, television shows, or even watched a live stream of your favorite band in order to pass the time, but have you ever live streamed an actual stream? In this interactive look at life below the surface of newly restored Stevens Creek we'll meet our local aquatic neighbors and consider the connection between life below and above the water's edge. Register here

The Big Spring Clean

The March 2021 Big Spring Clean event has been postponed due to COVID-19. We plan to move this event to the fall. Check back for more information!

Questions? Contact:

David Caldwell

Mecklenburg County Senior Environmental Specialist