CLT Development Center

Located on the first floor of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center, the CLT Development Center is a space for developers and design teams to access to city staff in a single location for city development permitting services. Development service teams from the Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT), Engineering, Urban Forestry, Construction Inspection, Charlotte Water, Erosion Control, Subdivision, Zoning, Fire, and Plan Review Coordination are in the CLT Development Center.

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Expedited Plan Review

The expedited commercial plan review process is available for commercial site plans. Once plans are accepted through the gateway, the standard review cycle for submittals and resubmittals will be five business days. Some project exclusions apply.

Expedited plat plan reviews will be completed by city staff within 10 business days of the first submittal, and within 5 business days for resubmittals. Learn more about Expedited Commercial Plan Review.

Enhanced Plan Review

The Enhanced Review Option is available for urban projects*, and commercial and residential subdivisions. Enhanced urban plan reviews will be completed by city staff within 15 business days of the first submittal and within five business days for resubmittals. Enhanced subdivision plan reviews will be completed by city staff within 20 business days of the first submittal and within 10 business days for resubmittals. Some project exclusions apply. Learn more about Enhanced Review.

*Urban projects have the zoning classifications of: UMUD, MUDD, PED, TOD, TS, and RE-3


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