CLT Development Center

Located on the lobby level of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center, the CLT Development Center is a space for developers and design teams to access to city staff in a single location for city land development permitting services.  Development service teams from the Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT), Engineering, Urban Forestry, Construction Inspection, Charlotte Water, Erosion Control, Subdivision, Zoning, Fire, and Plan Review Coordination are in the CLT Development Center.

Special Update
Return to the Office

The CLT Development Center continues to provide plan review, permitting and field inspection services.  As of Nov. 1, 2021, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center (CMGC) is now open to the public.  Face masks will be required, and entry into the building will be by appointment only.  Staff will be required to meet you in the lobby, escort you to your meeting location (even into CLT Development Center) and back to the lobby exit.  Visitors will not be allowed in the elevators without a staff member.  The CLT Development Center will also be open for appointment-only service especially due to the current staggered in-office work schedule of staff.  You may schedule an appointment by contacting staff members directly.  Contact information can be found on the CLT Development Center Contact List.

Presubmittal and Urban Conceptual Meetings

All Presubmittal and Urban Conceptual Meetings will continue to be held virtually by WebEx through the end of the year. Requests and scheduling for virtual meetings for urban and commercial pre submittal meetings continue to be offered.  Please contact Nan Peterson, Business Relationship Manager, Nan.Peterson@charlottenc.gov or call at 980.264.9580 with questions or inquiries.

Drop-off/Pick-up of plats, bonds, and review fees

Due to the limitations for entry into the building through the lobby, we will continue to use the basement of the CMGC as a drop-off and pick-up station.  The drop-off and pick-up station in the basement will have signage identifying for use of the CLT Development Station.  Please note:

  • Plats may be dropped off and picked up in the basement of the CMGC.  Plats can also be mailed to the CMGC, Attn: CLT Development Center, Lobby Level, 600 E. 4th Street Charlotte, NC 28202 and include a prepaid return address label. Staff has 3 business days to sign plats and will notify you when they are signed.  Reminder:  Plats can now be sent electronically, 24/7. Subdivision staff is utilizing the e-signature process approved by Meck County Register of Deeds. Plats to be e-signed and recorded must be sent via DocuSign, DocVerify or another approved platform.  

  • Bonds/Sureties may be dropped off in the basement of the CMGC. Bonds/Sureties can also be mailed to the City of Charlotte, Attn: CLT Development Center – Bond Administration, Lobby Level, 600 E. 4th Street, Charlotte, NC 28202.  Please allow 4 business days for bond/surety review.

  • Review Fees may be dropped off in the basement of the CMGC. If a courier is dropping off the fees, please instruct them to put the envelope in  the basket placed on the plat box.  Fees can also be sent via US mail, UPS, Federal Express, or by Courier. Staff will process the fee payment once received in the CLT Development Center. Please send fees to: The City of Charlotte, CLT Development Center – Lobby Level, 600 E. 4th Street, Charlotte, NC 28202.

Main Contact Info

New Services and Process Enhancements

Self-certified Gateway Checklist for Commercial Plans

As of October 2021, the CLT Development Center now requires a Self-Certified Gateway Checklist to be completed by the design professional for all commercial and urban plan submittals to ensure the submittal is complete and has all the required information and items needed for detailed review. The Self-Certified Gateway Checklist includes the minimum submittal requirements and requires a signature by the submitting design professional indicating completeness of the plans and calculations.  This checklist is now a required document to be uploaded to Accela along with the plan submittal.  Find out where the Gateway Checklist fits into the Commercial Plan Process.

Digital Plan Room

The City of Charlotte's CLT Development Center has partnered with ePermitHub to launch the Digital Plan Room, a new electronic document review solution seamlessly integrated into the Accela Citizen Access Portal. Learn more about the Digital Plan Room.

Commercial and Targeted Sketch Plans

Many have asked for the City of Charlotte to duplicate the Subdivision Sketch Plan program with Commercial Plans. You can now submit a Commercial Sketch Plan for comments from the review staff. This is a 7-business day, 1 cycle review submitted through Accela Citizen Access. We are also introducing two new services called Targeted Sketch Plans for Subdivision and Targeted Sketch Plans for Commercial projects. These programs allow you to submit a sketch plan with (up to) 5 focused questions in total to the various review agencies. This is a 7-business day 1 cycle review submitted through Accela Citizen Access. Targeted Sketch Plan reviews are not eligible for after review comment meetings. Fees apply to both of these record types.

Expedited Commercial Plan Review Option

The expedited commercial plan review process is a service available for commercial site plans. Once plans are accepted through the gateway, the standard review cycle for submittals and resubmittals will be five business days. Some project exclusions apply.

Expedited plan reviews will be completed by city staff within 10 business days of the first submittal, and within 5 business days for resubmittals. Learn more about Expedited Commercial Plan Review.

Enhanced Review Option

The Enhanced Review Option is available for urban projects*, and commercial and residential subdivisions. Enhanced urban plan reviews will be completed by city staff within 15 business days of the first submittal and within five business days for resubmittals. Enhanced subdivision plan reviews will be completed by city staff within 20 business days of the first submittal and within 10 business days for resubmittals. Some project exclusions apply. Learn more about Enhanced Review.

*Urban projects have the zoning classifications of: UMUD, MUDD, PED, TOD, TS, and RE-3