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Special​ Services Group Deputy Chief: DC Tonya Arrington
Special Services Support Unit:​ Executive Officer: Lt. Keith Caviness

hornets crest ​Bureau: ​Special Operation Bureau​ Bureau Commander: Major Dave Johnson
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Criminal Intelligence Division | 601 E. Trade Street​ | email: ​CMPDCrimeIntel@cmpd.org​​
Division Commander: Captain Ryan Kendall
Division Support​: Lt. John Furr
Division Support​: Sgt. Emily Spindler

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Real Time Crime Center / Logistics | unit email: RealTimeCrimeCenter@cmpd.org​​
Unit Supervisor: Adam Keith
RTCC Support: Sgt. Miguel Jaco-Vargas

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Operations Command | 601 E. Trade Street​​
Division Commander: Captain Jesus Rendon
Division Support: Lt. John Gorrod
Division Support: Lt. Robert Havens
Division Support: Lt. Blake Holmes
Division Support: Lt. Demarco Jeter
Division Support: Lt. Kamil Waters

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Special Operations Division | 1750 Shopton Road​ | phone: 704-336-2328​​
Division Commander: Captain Brian Matthews
Division Support: Lt. Wesley Jessup

phone: 704-432-0435 | Unit Supervisor: Sgt. Mike King​​​​

phone: 704-353-1284 | Unit Supervisor: Staff Sgt. Chris LeClerc​​​

phone: 704-353-1284 | Unit Supervisor: Sgt. Craig Varnum​​​

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Canine Unit | unit email: CanineUnit@cmpd.org​​
phone: 704-336-7658​​​ | Unit Supervisor: Sgt. Chris Leggett​​​

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Arson / Bomb Unit | unit email: BombSquadUnit​@cmpd.org​​
phone: 704-432-0474​​​ | Unit Supervisor: Sgt. Charles Strong​​​

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Special Events Division | 601 E. Trade Street | phone: 704-336-3229​​
Division Commander: Capt. Torri Tellis
Special Events Support: Lt. Dondi Pogue

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Hirebacks & Secondary Employment | 601 E. Trade Street​​
phone: 704-336-3229 | Unit Supervisor: Sgt. Chris Walters​​​​​​

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Transportation Division | 601 E. Trade Street | phone: 704-353-1218​​
Division Commander: Lt. Chris Rorie

Unit Leader: Sgt. Gavin Jackson

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Motorcycle​ Unit 601 E. Trade Street | 704-336-8403
Unit Leader: Sgt. Adam Jones

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Transit​ Unit/CATS 3145 S. Tryon Street | 704-336-8403
Unit Leader: Sgt. (vacant)

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Greenway Patrol Unit 601 E. Trade Street | 704-xxx-xxx
Unit Leader: Sgt. (vacant)

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DWI Task Force 601 E. Trade Street | 704-491-7177
Unit Leader: Sgt. John Reibold

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Dignitary Protection Unit | 601 E. Trade Street​ ​​
Division Commander: Capt. Brian Sanders

hornets crest ​Bureau: ​Lab and Evidence Bureau​ Bureau Commander: DC Tonya Arrington

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Crime Lab Division | 601 E. Trade Street​ | phone: 704-353-1100​​
Division Commander: Matthew Mathis

phone: 704-336-8778 | Unit Supervisor: Jeff Taylor​​​​​​

phone: 704-353-1102 | Unit Supervisor: Sheree Enfinger​​​​​​​​​

phone: 704-353-1066 | Unit Supervisor: David Schultz

phone: 704-353-1056​​​​​​ | Unit Supervisor: Gene Rivera

phone: 704-353-1065​​​​​​ | Unit Supervisor: Lillian Ngong

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Property and Evidence Management Division | 601 E. Trade Street​ | phone: 704-336-2378​​
Division Commander: Captain Brian Hofert
Division Support: Lt. Alan Greene
Unit Supervisor: Richard Danielson

phone: 704-353-1108 | Unit Supervisor: Christy Price​​​​​​​​​​

hornets crest ​Division: ​Public Safety Technology Solutions​ Division Leader: Ellen Thomas

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​Technical, Network, Video Support | 601 E. Trade Street | phone: 910-301-3726​​​

Division Supervisor: Joshua Szentpaly

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​Application Admins & GIS | 228 E. Ninth Street | phone: 704-280-0701

Division Supervisor: Keith Ince

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CAD, Database Systems | 601 E. Trade Street | phone: 704-33​​6-8847​​​

Division Supervisor: Mike Defoe

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Software Development and Support | 228 E. Ninth Street | phone: 980-722-8997

Division Supervisor: Hitesh Bhanderi

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Customer Service | 601 E. Trade Street | phone: 980-766-8777​​​ | 704-995-7439

Division Supports: Vincent Lyons | Valentino Joyner

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hornets crest ​Bureau: ​Crime Analysis​ Bureau Leader: Monica Nguyen

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Data Analytics | 601 E. Trade Street​ | phone: ​704-353-0780​​
Division Supervisor: Mike Humphrey

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