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​​​Electronic Monitoring Unit

unit email: Electronicmonitoring@cmpd.org
unit phone #: 704-432-8888

​CMPD has partnered with the Mecklenburg County District Attorneys Office, the NC Division of Community Corrections, and the court system to develop two court-ordered programs designed to reduce violent crime and help prevent recidivism. CMPD's Electronic Monitoring Unit in the Criminal Apprehension Division oversees both programs.

Electronic Monitoring Supervisor
Sergeant Stephen Iyevbele
Email: siyevbele@cmpd.org

Support Contact:
Nicole Crooks​​ - 704-336-2536​

Electronic Monitoring Program
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monitoring device Electronic monitoring may be imposed as a condition of court-ordered pre-trial release or as part of a sentence upon conviction for criminals who are high risks to community safety. The type of crime most frequently targeted include robbery, auto theft, burglary and felony assault, and offenders are given territorial restrictions and curfews.

CMPD uses electronic monitoring as a means to ensure adherence. CMPD believes that the application of this technology, coupled with an effort to overlay offender location data with crime incident data, will both deter recidivism and enable CMPD to better identify those choosing to continue engaging in criminal behavior.

Questions about curfews or electronic monitoring should be sent to electronicmonitoring@cmpd.org