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Carbon Monoxide detectorsCarbon Monoxide detectors
City-County safety ordinancesCity-County safety ordinances
City housing programsCity housing programs
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Decorative signs and postsDecorative signs and posts
Emergency assistanceEmergency assistance
Fence and wall certificatesFence and wall certificates
Permits and licensesPermits and licenses
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Carbon Monoxide detectorsInformation on carbon monoxide detectors
City Housing Programs Differnet City Housing Programs
Crime mappingLook up crime hotspots within the city from our interactive mapping system.
Decorative Signs and Posts (Residential) Decorative lighting is available for a one-time installation charge. This covers the cost of the fixture and to place service to the lights underground.
Emergency Assistance Resources The City of Charlotte assists citizens experiencing
Fence and Wall CertificateA certificate of authorization must be obtained from the Charlotte Department of Transportation prior to building a fence or wall. 
Permits and licensesFrequently Asked Questions About Permitting
Property mapsThis online service provides various ways to look up detailed information about Real Estate Properties
Property taxesInformation about property taxes
Report a Code Violation How it Report a Code Violation
Smoke alarmsThe importance of smoke alarms
Solid Waste ServicesThis points to the Solid Waste Services
The Charlotte Fire Department partners with many community organizations to provide and install smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms to residents upon request. Charlotte Fire Department
The Charlotte-Meckenburg Police Department oversees the enforcement of various ordinances that provide safety for the citizens of the community, including those dealing with rental properties, youth protection, noise and towing.Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department
View Code Enforcement Cases Code Enforcement provides a way for you to view existing and past code cases
Water BillWater Bill
Water turn off and onWater turn off and on