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XCLT meetings


More than 200 residents and community leaders attended the Cross Charlotte Trail workshop hosted at the Government Center to learn more about trail design and share input on amenities, proposed routes and how they plan to use the trail. With exhibits and breakout sessions, the workshop aimed at engaging people through hands-on exercises including facilitated input sessions, a Wikimaps Café and a presentation on the "Evolution of Trails." 

Themes that emerged

Separate facilities – "As a cyclist, I would appreciate the separation of bikes and walkers. Currently, I have harrowing moments passing walkers."

Destinations & connections – "Wonderful County-City initiative! It will be interesting to see new trails connect with other areas/cities in the future. Imagine walking from Fort Mill, SC (Carowinds) to Plaza-Midwood via trails!"

Safety/crossings – "Bike and pedestrian refuges are critical! Charlotte does not have enough." "My bike will not fit the refuge area, nor will a mother and her baby stroller. This needs attention!"Faster development – "GREAT for all. Hurry up and finish it – we're getting old and our biking days are numbered!"

Trail etiquette – "A big problem with greenways today is that there's no clear left or right – need some sort of center line. Also, direction for walkers/joggers to keep to the right."

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Meeting summary


​​About 250 people attended a public meeting at Queens University Sports/Conference Center to share input on a 1.4-mile stretch of the proposed Cross Charlotte Trail bet​​ween Brandywine Road and Tyvola Road. 

The goal was to hear how people planned to use the trail, what amenities they would like to see and where they wanted to go along the trail. People jumped in with ideas and discussed their desires for the trail. With enthusiastic support for the project, people said their priorities were:  trail amenities, a safe trail, connections to great places, good directional information and interesting events along the trail.  

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Feedback summary


​During August, September and October of 2014, City staff attended several neighborhood meetings and conducted a series of pop-up meetings at locations along the proposed trail. Staff shared information about the Cross Charlotte Trail and the Community Investment Plan with residents.

Pop-up meetings happened at festivals, food trucks, UNCC events, run clubs, bike rides, breweries and other locations. Staff attended 23 events across the city and talked with hundreds of residents. About 176 residents signed up to learn more through email alerts.

Staff also asked residents what they thought about the trail. Major the​mes included providing amenities, security, connections to destinations, trail way-finding and hosting events on the trail. People viewed the trail as a positive development and a number of residents said the city should "Build it now!"

Pop-up meeting summary