​Charlotte Urban Design Center

The Charlotte Urban Design Center's mission is to advance the quality of Charlotte's built environment and bring public awareness to the importance of urban design. The center reveals how design influences quality of life and economic resilience, and advocates for great public places in a livable city.

The Charlotte Planning, Design and & Development Department formed the Charlotte Urban Design Center in 2020 to consolidate its urban design consultation, placemaking and community engagement services under one roof.



All in 2040 Center City Vision Plan



All in 2040 Center City Vision Plan




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Learn more about the diverse projects we are actively working on across the city of Charlotte.

Young transit riders provide feedback on TOD planning at a pop-up event.

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South End Studio

The Charlotte Urban Design Center  - South End Studio is the city's hub for engaging the community around urban design and placemaking. It is a space where residents, artists and community organizations can access the City of Charlotte's planning and urban design resources and staff in a single location.

Although the opening of a refreshed studio space has been delayed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Charlotte Urban Design Center continues to provide its full breadth of services virtually. Please email a member of the staff to learn more about the center's projects and services.

Monica Carney Holmes

Charlotte Urban Design Center Program Manager

Rachel Mukai Stark

Senior Urban Designer

Jacob Huffman

Associate Urban Designer and Planner

Erin Chantry

Senior Urban Designer and Planner

Will Linville

Senior Urban Designer & Planner

Jessica Macks

Event Coordinator

Lorna Allen

Senior Urban Designer

Charlotte Lamb

Associate Urban Designer and Planner