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​Southeast Urban Design Summit

SoutheastUrbanDesignSummit_2019 Group Top from left: Erin Chantry, Vanessa Lira, Simone Heath, Dorian McDuffie, Grant Meacci, and Monica Holmes. Bottom from left: Kevin Bacon, Sonia Sequeira, Carter Pettibone, Bette Maloy, Rachel Stark, Ed McKinney, Morgan Gundlach, Annie Cary, Lorna Allen, Allen Davis, and Joseph Michael, Jr.


In May of 2019, the City of Charlotte Urban Design Center hosted the first ever gathering of Southeastern municipal urban design programs.  Urban designers from Atlanta City Studio, Charleston Design Division, Charlotte Urban Design Center, and Raleigh Urban Design Center convened in Charlotte at the Charlotte Powerhouse Studio. Over the course of 36 hours, the group learned about each other’s cities and programs, shared best practices, and developed a framework to collaborate and tackle urban design challenges unique to the Southeast.

The first gathering focused on a theme that identified commonalities amongst the cities: Urban Design in the New South. Given a shared geography within the United States, the cities within the group share similar challenges: rapid growth and development, urbanization, gentrification and displacement, affordable housing, and upward mobility.

The first in a series, the group commits to convening twice a year - allowing the opportunity for each city to host once every two years.



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Lorna Allen, PLA
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