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GovPorch is an effort by the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County to bring a new life and identity to the 1.5 acre plaza outside the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center in Uptown's Second Ward. This project aims to reimagine the plaza as a community space where citizens and government employees can relax, play, and spend time together. Through incremental interventions, ideas have been and will be tested with the intention to inform permanent design changes. The Urban Design Team has led events such as Front Porch Friday, Jazz Fest, Food Truck Week, and has most recently won a KaBOOM Play Everywhere Grant of $35,000 to further test and measure the transformation of the CMGC Plaza.

GovPorch Photo        GovPorch Photo

GovPorch has transformed an austere plaza into an active and inviting place. Two of the plaza's large inactive fountains have been transformed with landscaping, and a third has been covered with a large deck filled with chairs, tables, toys, and games.

GovPorch PhotoGovPorch PhotoGovPorch Photo 

GovPorch PhotoGovPorch PhotoGovPorch Photo 

Kids have a new fun, safe place to play in the Government District.

GovPorch PhotoGovPorch PhotoGovPorch Photo 

People visiting the nearby government buildings, area employees, construction workers, and passersby can stop to enjoy lunch or a snack on GovPorch.


The first Friday of the month sometimes brings music to GovPorch, including the Planning Department's own Bryman Suttle and his Suttle Band. (right).

GovPorch PhotoGovPorch Photo 

It is hoped that many of the temporary improvements implemented by GovPorch will become permanent over time.