Subdivision Review Types

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department offers several types of Subdivision reviews. To submit a subdivision application please select a review type from the list below

A sketch plan is an informal drawing of a proposed preliminary plan. Staff strongly recommends submitting a sketch plan for review prior to submitting detailed plans for approval. Subdivision review time limits do not apply to plans for which no sketch plan has been prepared and submitted to the planning staff for review

A residential preliminary plan presents a subdivision of land for single-family lots with the development of new streets.

This plan type represents the subdivision of land into tracts or lots for non-residential development with new streets.

A group of two or more attached, duplex, triplex, quadraplex, or multi-family buildings, or a single building of more than 12 units constructed on the same lot or parcel of land under single ownership, and planned and developed with a unified design of buildings and coordinated common open space and service areas in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 9 for the zoning district in which it is located.

Mixed use development is a conditionally zoned (MX-1, MX-2, MX-3) development that may incorporate a full range of housing types, including single family and multifamily, and in some instances, compatible nonresidential uses. This type should not be confused with MUDD zoned projects.

The developer applies for a revision to a preliminary plan that has had previous approval by the Planning staff.       


Subdivision Plat Review Types:

(For Those Which Have Had Preliminary Plan Approval) - Plats for recording in Register of Deeds Office showing surveyed dimensions and alignments of lots and street.

(For Those Which Have Had Planned Multi-Family Approval) - As built site plans for selling units and recording in Register of Deeds Office.

Plats for recording in Register of Deeds Office showing surveyed dimensions and alignments of lots for subdividing property that fronts along existing public rights-of-way.

This record type is a plat that is a revision to a final plat that has previously been approved by Planning Staff.

Variance - Relief from a standard in the Subdivision Ordinance Appeal: Review of the decision for approval or denial of a Subdivision Plan or to appeal an interpretation by the Subdivision Administrator. Both are Quasi-judicial procedures.

For more information regarding Subdivision Administration
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Planning, Design & Development
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Subdivision Ordinance

City of Charlotte
Subdivision Ordinance

(as Adopted January 29, 2015)


Commercial Review Types

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The City of Charlotte’s Subdivision/Permit Tracking System, Accela Citizen Access, is now available on the Internet.


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