2021 Petitions

Rezoning Petition 2021-010


Madison Capital Group

Current Zoning:

B-1, O-2, R-22MF

Proposed Zoning:



2444 Wilkinson Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28208


Approximately 4.9 acres bound by the north side of Wilkinson Boulevard, west side of Berryhill Road, and south side of Arty Avenue




Public Hearing Date:

May 17, 2021

Zoning Committee Hearing Date:

June 1, 2021

Council Decision Date:

June 21, 2021

Watlington (3)



Approval Date:

June 21, 2021

For Information Regarding the Rezoning Process

Please contact Planning Staff:

emailDave Pettine             phone contect704.336.4566

emailMichael Russell        ​ phone contect704.353.0225

emailClaire Lyte-Graham  ​phone contect704.336.3782

emailLisa Arnold                phone contect704.336.5967

emailWill Linville               ​ phone contect704.336.4090

emailJohn Kinley                phone contect704.336.8311

emailJoe Mangum             ​phone contect704.353.1908

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