2019 Petitions

Rezoning Petition 2019-033


HK Cedarvale, LLC

Current Zoning:


Proposed Zoning:



Approximately 9.89 acres located on the west side of Cedarvale Rd. north of Performance Rd, east of Moores Chapel Rd.

Public Hearing Date:

June 17, 2019

Council District:

Outside city limits




July 15, 2019

Approved Site Plan

Departmental / Staff Comments

Contact Person

Charlotte Area Transit System

emailJohn Howard                   phone contect704.336.5994

Charlotte Department of Housing & Neighborhood Services (Housing)

emailZelleka Biermann          phone contect704.336.2482

Charlotte Department of Housing & Neighborhood Services (Code Enforcement)

emailMark Fowler                   phone contect704.336.3568

Charlotte Department of Solid Waste Services

emailMavis Gant                     phone contect704.432.3537

Charlotte Fire Department

emailAshley Riggins                phone contect704.432.5249

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

emailAkeshia Craven-Howellphone contect704.614.6496

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water

emailDoug Lozner                   phone contect704.432.0964

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Revised

emailDoug Lozner                   phone contect704.432.0964

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water 2nd Revision

emailDoug Lozner                   phone contect704.432.0964

Charlotte Water

emailKeri Cantrell                   phone contect704.336.1015

Engineering Property Management

emailAshley Botkin                  phone contect704.336.4257

Engineering Property Management Revised

emailAshley Botkin                 phone contect704.336.4257

Mecklenburg County Land Use and Environmental Services Agency

emailJeanne Quinn                  phone contect704.432.4941

Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation Department

emailGwen Cook                      phone contect980.314.1036


emailFelix Obregon                phone contect704.432.5729

Transportation Revised

emailFelix Obregon                phone contect704.432.5729


emailLaurie Dukes                   phone contect704.336.5753



For Information Regarding the Rezoning Process

Please contact Planning Staff:

emailDave Pettine             phone contect704.336.4566

emailMichael Russell        ​ phone contect704.353.0225

emailClaire Lyte-Graham  ​phone contect704.336.3782

emailJohn Kinley                phone contect704.336.8311

emailJoe Mangum             ​phone contect704.353.1908

emailHolly Cramer             ​phone contect704.353.1902

Planning, Design & Development
600 East Fourth Street (8th Floor)
Charlotte, North Carolina 28202
Phone: phone contect704.336.2205