2014 Petitions


Hawthorn Retirement, LLC

Current Zoning:


Proposed Zoning:



Approximately 10.01 acres located on the east side of Providence Road between Lakeside Drive and Kuykendall Road.

Public Hearing Date:

March 17, 2014

Council District: Driggs (7)




 June 23, 2014


Approved Site Plan


Rezoning Information 

Contact Person

Rezoning Application

John Kinley (704)-336-8311 

Rezoning Locator Map

John Kinley (704)-336-8311 
Site Plan John Kinley (704)-336-8311 
Site Plan Revised John Kinley (704)-336-8311 
    -Fly by Video  (Requires MP4 player) John Kinley (704)-336-8311 
Site Plan 2nd Revision John Kinley (704)-336-8311 
   -Fly by Video Revised  (Requires MP4 player) John Kinley (704)-336-8311 
Site Plan 3rd Revision John Kinley (704)-336-8311 
Community Meeting Report John Kinley (704)-336-8311 
Staff Analysis John Kinley (704)-336-8311 
Zoning Committee Recommendation John Kinley (704)-336-8311 

Departmental /
Staff Comments

Contact Person

Charlotte Area Transit System

Brian Horton (704)-353-0018
Charlotte Department of Neighborhood & Business Services  (Housing) Zelleka Biermann  (704)-336-2482

Charlotte Department of Neighborhood & Business Services (Code Enforcement)

Mark Fowler (704)-336-3568

Charlotte Department of Solid Waste Services Mavis Gant (704) 336-3537

Charlotte Fire Department

Joseph Turner (704)-336-3814

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools

Scott McCully (980)-343-6246

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water

Doug Lozner  (704)-432-0964

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Revised

Doug Lozner  (704)-432-0964

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities

Jason Jarrett (704) 391-5190

Engineering Property Management

Alice Christenbury (704)-336-7273

Engineering Property Management Revised

Alice Christenbury (704)-336-7273

Mecklenburg County Land Use and Environmental Services Agency Heidi Pruess (704)-336-5597

Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation Department

Gwen Cook (704)-432-1570

Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation Department Revised

Gwen Cook (704)-432-1570

Mecklenburg County Parks and Recreation Department 2nd Revision

Gwen Cook (704)-432-1570
Transportation Dennis Rorie (704)-432-5492
Transportation Revised Dennis Rorie (704)-432-5492
Urban Forestry

Laura Brewer (704)-704-5753


For Information regarding the Rezoning Process

Please contact Planning Staff:

emailMichael Russell        ​ phone contect704.353.0225

emailClaire Lyte-Grahamphone contect704.336.3782

emailLisa Arnold                ​ phone contect704.336.5967

emailWill Linville              ​ phone contect704.336.4090

emailDave Pettine            ​phone contect704.336.4566

emailJohn Kinley                ​phone contect704.336.8311

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