2009 Petitions



Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission 

Text Amendment:

Text Amendment - Proposes to remove the "List of Acceptable Plant Species" from "Appendix 1" because it has been updated and added to the "Charlotte Land Development Standards Manual", effective July 1, 2009.

Public Hearing Date:

December 21, 2009




January 19, 2010



Approved Text Amendment



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Text Amendment Application

Sandy Montgomery (704)-336-5722

Text Amendment

Sandy Montgomery (704)-336-5722

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Staff Analysis

Sandy Montgomery (704)-336-5722 

CDOT Comments

Rick Grochoske (704)-432-1556

Storm Water

Doug Lozner  (704)-432-0964

City Engineering

Alice Christenbury (704)-336-7273

Mecklenburg Co. LUESA Heidi Pruess (704)-336-5597

School Board

Scott McCully (980)-343-6246

Fire Dept.

Joseph Turner (704)-336-3814

Charlotte Area Transit

David McDonald (704)-336-6900

Solid Waste Services Brian Garrett (704) 336-3342
Char. Meck. Utilities Jason Jarrett (704) 391-5190

Zoning Committee Recommendation

Sandy Montgomery (704)-336-5722