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Text Amendment:

Text Amendment - To define Pet Crematorium and to add Pet Crematorium as a use permitted by right in the I-1 & I-2 Zoning Districts........

Public Hearing Date:

September 15, 2008




September 15, 2008



Approved Text Amendment


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Text Amendment Application

Sandy Montgomery (704)-336-5722
Text Amendment Application Revised Sandy Montgomery (704)-336-5722

Text Amendment

Sandy Montgomery (704)-336-5722
Text Amendment Revised Sandy Montgomery (704)-336-5722

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Staff Analysis

Sandy Montgomery (704)-336-5722 

CDOT Comments

Scott Putnam (704)-336-7085

Storm Water

Doug Lozner  (704)-432-0964

City Engineering

Alice Christenbury (704)-336-7273

Mecklenburg Co. LUESA Heidi Pruess (704)-336-5597

School Board

Scott McCully (980)-343-6246

Fire Dept.

Joseph Turner (704)-336-3814

Charlotte Area Transit

David McDonald (704)-336-6900

Solid Waste Services Eric Nachamie (704)-336-7810

Zoning Committee Recommendation

Sandy Montgomery (704)-336-5722