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For Information regarding the Rezoning Process
Please contact Planning Staff:
Sonja Sanders (704)-336-8310
Charlotte Waldron (704)-353-0225
Tom Drake (704)-336-8312
Tammie Keplinger (704)-336-5967
Tim Manes (704)-336-8320
Keith MacVean (704)336-5738

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Commission
600 East Fourth Street (8th Floor)
Charlotte, North Carolina 28202
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Contact Person

Rezoning Application

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Rezoning Map

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Staff Analysis

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Site Plan

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Brian Fowler (704)-432-1556

Storm Water  Memo

Doug Lozner  (704)-432-0964

City Engineering Memo

Alice Christenbury (704)-336-7273

Mecklenburg Co. LUESA Laura Cummings (704)-336-5597

School Board Memo

Jacqueline McNeil (704)-343-6246

Site Plan Comments

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Zoning Committee Recommendation

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2004 Rezoning Schedule

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