Administrative Amendments/Approvals

Listed are various types of Administrative Amendment reviews. To expedite your review, staff requires the submittal of a Pre-Administrative Amendment Assessment.       

Pre-Administrative Amendment Assessment – Complete this record type for staff to evaluate your submitted application. If a meeting is required, staff will schedule to discuss briefly the proposed change.

After the review of your pre-application, you will receive notification regarding which review type to submit for review and approval.  

Minor Administrative Review – A minor administrative amendment is one which generally requires minimal input from other reviewers and addresses a single issue such as:

  • A note change or
  • A slight elevation modification
Major Administrative Review – A major administrative amendment is one which generally requires input from multiple reviewers or addresses more than one issue such as: 

  • Transportation modifications
  • Site layout and elevation review or revisions
  • Multiple unrelated conditional note changes
Administrative Amendment (No Fee) – Use this review type when staff determines a limited review is required with no fee payment.

Note: Refer to Section 6.207 of the Zoning Ordinance to see what changes are allowed through an Administrative Amendment.


For Information regarding the Rezoning Administrative Amendment Process
Please contact Planning Staff:
Solomon Fortune
Planning, Design & Development
600 East Fourth Street (8th Floor)
Charlotte, North Carolina 28202



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