Transit Station Area Plans


Transit Station Areas are located within approximately ½ mile walking distance of an existing or planned rapid transit station. However, they generally exclude any established low density neighborhoods within that walking distance. These neighborhoods typically are targeted for preservation and are located within an Established Neighborhood subarea.
Many Transit Station Areas will have the same general characteristics as the Mixed Use type of Activity Center and will become focal points of community activity.

The Transit Station Areas should:

  • Be pedestrian-oriented districts designed to include a mixture of complementary moderate to high intensity residential, office, retail/entertainment and civic uses located within easy walking distance of a rapid transit station;
  • Be designed as gathering places for the surrounding community; and
  • Have a dense, interconnected street network with extensive facilities


Light Rail Transit Alignments:

Future Light Rail Transit Alignments:






​For more information regarding Transit Station Area Plans
Please contact:
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department
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