North Corridor


North Corridor
​The proposed North Corridor Commuter Rail Line (LYNX Red Line) is one of Charlotte's four rapid transit corridors. The North Corridor extends approximately 25 miles from Charlotte's Center City to the Mount Mourne area south of Mooresville in Iredell County. Ten stations between Charlotte and Mount Mourne are currently proposed, four of which are located within Charlotte.

• A station area plan for one of these future transit stations – Eastfield – was adopted by the Charlotte City Council in June 2008 as part of the Northlake Area Plan . Eastfield Station Area Plan.

Station area plans for the remaining three Charlotte stations will be prepared as the completion date for the Red Line becomes more certain.

The following stations are located outside of the City of Charlotte. Station area planning for these stations will be the responsibility of each of the jurisdictions in which they are located (as indicated in parentheses).

• Hambright (Huntersville)
• Downtown Huntersville (Huntersville)
• Sam Furr (Huntersville)
• Downtown Cornelius (Cornelius)
• Downtown Davidson (Davidson)
• Mount Mourne (Mooresville)

The Red Line is proposed to be Commuter Rail, which differs from Light Rail (the CATS Blue Line is Light Rail) in a number of ways. First, the trains themselves are different: unlike Light Rail, Commuter Rail trains are propelled by diesel locomotives and passenger cars resemble cars typically used for inter-city passenger train travel. Second, Commuter stations are located further apart (typically two to five miles) than Light Rail stations, and finally, the frequency of service of Commuter Rail during rush hours is 20 to 30 minutes, which is longer than the 8 to10 minutes typical of Light Rail.

Light Rail Transit Alignments:

Future Light Rail Transit Alignments:




North Corridor 

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