The General Development Policies (GDP) document provides guidance for the location, intensity and form of future development and redevelopment throughout the Charlotte community. More specifically, the GDP are broad policies that are used to provide direction in developing future land use plans as well as in making rezoning decisions. They provide guidance in updating zoning and subdivision ordinances, and for integrating land use planning with capital facilities planning, particularly transportation planning.

The original GDP were adopted in 1990 and addressed a wide array of issues related to growth and development. The Planning Department is now in the process of updating and enhancing the original policies.

Phase I of the GDP update was completed in 2003 and includes policies in four key areas:

  • Transit Station Area Development
  • Residential Location and Design
  • Retail-Oriented Mixed/Multi-Use Centers
  • Plan Amendment Process

Phase II of the GDP includes chapters on the environment and infrastructure. 

G D P  (Phase I & II)



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