Long Range Planning

At least two public meetings are held during the development of an area plan. Notice of the meetings is sent to all property owners, area neighborhood organizations, elected/appointed officials and other stakeholders two to four weeks prior to the meeting.

People who own property within the plan area are especially encouraged to attend these meetings as area plans often recommend changes to the currently adopted land use in order to implement the community's future vision for the area.

Changes to the currently adopted land use guide future land use policy; they are not regulatory . For example, if a change to the currently adopted land use is recommended for a specific piece of property, it can continue to be used as it currently is being used. The current use can also be expanded and other modifications can be made to it. During the rezoning process the currently adopted land use would provide guidance as to the preferred zoning category(s) for the property.

In some instances, the area plan may also recommend that property be rezoned as part of plan implementation. Rezoning results in a change to the zoning regulations that apply to property. If a staff-initiated rezoning is approved for a specific property, it could continue to be used as it currently is being used.  Depending on whether the use is conforming with the new zoning category, it could also  be expanded and/or modified

Rezoning does not happen automatically with the adoption of the plan. Staff-initiated rezonings must be approved through a separate rezoning process. The rezoning process also includes public notification and the opportunity for property owners to be involved in the decision making.

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