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Community Planning​ 

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department develops community plans in order to help create a community of choice for living, working and leisure. Community plans are policy documents which define a vision for a community and include recommendations on land use, zoning, transportation, capital facilities and the environment. These policies are used by decision-makers to help guide future growth and development in Charlotte. 

​​​​​​​​Types of Plans:

​Centers, Corridors & Wedges (CCW) is the overarching policy for organizing and guiding development. The document identifies three general land development categories:

1. Centers - areas of economic activity, typically concentrations of compact development.

2. Corridors - accessible and well connected areas characterized by a diversity of places.

3. Wedges - primarily low density housing, with limited moderate density housing and supporting services.

Click here to view Centers, Corridors and Wedges (Adopted 2010)


​General Development Policies build upon the CCW framework and provide guidance for community-wide issues such as location, intensity and form of development.


Click here to view General Development Policies
(Adopted 2007)


District Plans include parcel specific land use recommendations and cover Charlotte's entire planning jurisdiction.

Click on the links below to view a district plan:

Central District Plan

East District Plan

Northeast District Plan

Northwest District Plan

South District Plan

Southwest District Plan


Community Plans are  developed for smaller  geographies and can include various types of plans such as Strategic Plans or Transit  Station Area Plans.  Community plans provide more detailed recommendations for issues such as density and design.

All Plans are available by clicking here.


The Centers Corridors Wedges boundaries and Proposed Land Use is displayed on Virtual Charlotte.
Instructions once on Virtual Charlotte:
1. Click on the Plus Sign next to “Planning.”
2. Check the box that indicates “Center, Corridor, Wedge” or “Proposed Land Use.”

On Virtual Charlotte, at the top of the page in the 'Search' box; Either Type in a valid Address, valid Tax Parcel Number or use the Zoom Tool to Zoom In and Zoom Out.

For more instructions on how to navigate Virtual Charlotte watch the Virtual Charlotte Community Planning Tutorial Video.

   Virtual Charlotte Community Planning



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