Capital Facilities


The Joint Use Task Force (JUTF), created by joint resolutions (Charlotte City Council, Mecklenburg County Commission, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board of Education, and others), serves to “work … to develop appropriate policy statements and processes to implement a strong program of joint planning and joint use” relative to capital facilities, to “integrate the departmental planning process into a comprehensive and strategic planning process” and to “jointly identify needs of City and County … to provide a more comprehensive and coordinated picture of the (capital) needs (of) the community…, and to recognize the inter-relatedness of … categories of infrastructure investments.” (wording from joint resolutions)

JUTF identifies potential opportunities for joint use, development, operation, or occupancy of capital facilities, to achieve maximum public benefit at minimum public cost. This collaborative facilities planning and development environment has resulted in a countless number of projects developed throughout the community, with a variety of uses and users.


Model Resolution

April 5, 2011


For more information regarding Joint Use Task Force:
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