Alternative Compliance Review Committee


The Alternative Compliance Review Committee (ACRC) was established in April of 2019, when the Charlotte City Council adopted new standards for Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Districts.

The purpose of allowing for alternative compliance with select standards of the TOD Districts is to encourage the implementation of alternative and innovative design practices that implement the intent of the TOD Districts and do not have a significant adverse impact on surrounding development.

TOD standards that are eligible for alternative compliance include:

  • Dimensional standards

    • Minimum building height

    • Maximum building length

    • Building stepback

    • Building articulation

  • Design standards

  • Landscape & screening requirements

The Committee is responsible for reviewing requests for alternative compliance and providing a recommendation to the Planning, Design & Development Director. The Planning Director, upon recommendation from the ACRC, has the authority to approve or deny alternative compliance requests. No standard may be waived in its entirety.


The Committee is composed of seven regular members and two alternates.

Members are appointed by the City Council for 3-year staggered terms. Members may not serve more than two consecutive terms.

Mary Kelly, ACRC Chairperson Community Representative

David Walters, Vice-Chairperson Real Estate Development Industry Representative

Page Case Real Estate Development Industry Representative

Michael Bridges Community Representative

Eric Zaverl Real Estate Development Industry Representative

Padma Bulusu, Alternate Community Representative

Renee Rubens Community Representative

Tobe Holmes Real Estate Development Industry Representative

Michael-Paul James, Alternate Real Estate Development Industry Representative


First Thursday of each month at 4 p.m.

Committee Rules for Procedure May 14, 2020

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Government Center

600 E. Fourth St., Room 280
Charlotte, N.C. 28202

Committee Staff

Kirsty Sanchez



Phone: 704.432.3013

Pre-sumittal Meeting

Applicants should meet with staff prior to submitting a request for alternative compliance. Contact Kirsty Sanchez to schedule a meeting.