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City of Charlotte Rezoning Application Packet

PDF          - Word    

City of Charlotte Rezoning Application - Amended

(Rezoning Petition Change Request)

- PDF          - Word    

City of Charlotte Text Amendment Application

- PDF          - Word   

City of Charlotte - Rezoning Administrative Amendment Process

   Click Here (Electronic Document Review- Accela Citizen Access)

Zoning Administration:  

Zoning Administration Application Packet

(Appeals, Variances, Deviations)

Historic District Commission:

- HDC Application - Accela Citizen Access

- Signature & Checklist Form (Required with Application Submission)

- EPLAN Review Application Instructions (Application Requirements, Schedule and Fees)

- User Guide - Accela Citizen Access (Step by Step for using Accela Citizen Access)

- Policy & Design Guidelines

Criteria for Project Review (Ensuring a Successful Submittal)


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For more information regarding User Fees & Applications
Please contact:
Planning, Design & Development Department
600 East Fourth Street (8th Floor)
Charlotte, North Carolina 28202