City of Charlotte issues reminder on peaceful protests

Kate Luck

CHARLOTTE, NC (Sept. 26, 2016)-  The City of Charlotte respects and strives to protect citizens’ rights to exercise their First Amendment rights through lawful protests and demonstrations. The following is a reminder of how to demonstrate peacefully and legally:

  • Citizens may engage in lawful protest activity on public sidewalks and City plazas without the need for a permit

  • A parade permit is required to march or demonstrate in the streets. Doing so without a permit is illegal.

  • The City’s Picketing Ordinance, which governs protesting on sidewalks and City plazas, contact information, and a notification form can be found here.

  • The City’s Public Assembly and Parade Ordinance, which governs parades and demonstrations in the streets, can be found at PUBLIC ASSEMBLIES AND PARADES.

  • Additional information regarding permitting of parades and demonstrations in the streets can be found here

We appreciate the community’s cooperation.