We’re on Top of it! Storm Water Services Celebrates United for Infrastructure Week

Leo Caplanides

Whether you are driving, biking or walking throughout our city, chances are you are traveling over some of Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services’ best work, and this week we are taking time to celebrate it. From May 10-14,  Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services is joining the nonprofit United for Infrastructure and government agencies and businesses from across the country to recognize United for Infrastructure 2021: A Week to Champion America’s Infrastructure. This observance highlights the critical role that infrastructure, including the public storm drainage system, plays in our daily lives.

Across Charlotte, there are thousands of miles of stormwater pipes and culverts that help move rainwater away from roads to local streams so that the traveling public remains safe. Storm Water Services is currently working on hundreds of storm drainage improvement projects that involve repairing and replacing aging infrastructure across our community.

There are a number of ways you can learn about these storm drainage improvement projects and find projects in your area.

If you have additional questions about a storm drainage improvement project or would like to report a drainage or surface water quality concern, call 3-1-1. You can also submit a request online or use the CLT+ app on your smartphone.

You can learn more about Storm Water Services’ work to improve storm drainage infrastructure by watching this video.

Myrtle Morehead project area with large pipe being installed.

​A culvert being installed at the Myrtle Morehead project.