Student Starts Her Own Business After Experience with Mayor’s Youth Employment Program

Allison Lavallee

Kendall Rhue is currently a Senior at Butler High School and a star alumna of the Mayor's Youth Employment Program (MYEP). Rhue is a highly-motivated individual and participated in the program this past summer because she's interested in gaining experience, insight, and knowledge that could be applied in college and her future career. Although interested in an arts-oriented opportunity at first, she was ultimately placed on the business and finance virtual pathway.

Initially, Rhue held reservations about moving forward with her placement in business and finance, but  the experience inspired her to envision how she could combine her creativity and business acumen to create a small business of her own.

"I already loved to cook and due to the pandemic, I'd been trying a lot more recipes that I saw online. I also love to give back to others…" She explained. One of the seminars Rhue attended was on starting your own business, so she decided to take a closer look at the details and what it would require to start one of her own. She looked to other local at-home bakers for guidance and made a plan.

Rhue is currently in the process of setting up an LLC for her virtual business and already has a list of clients to work with when everything is up and running. "I'm very eager for it" she explained, "I also decided to start a small flipping business with one of my best friends this summer. We buy furniture from thrift stores, remodel and sell it."

She thanks Ms. Rina Patel and the budgeting class through the virtual pathway, as they were extremely useful resources that helped her think differently about how to use her passion and talent for art in the business arena. Rhue says Ms. Patel's presentations were some of her favorites, "they were so helpful and a great way to unwind at the end of the day."

MYEP seeks to build partnerships with host employers in the private, public, and non-profit sectors of Charlotte's economy who are able to provide one-of-a-kind career experiences for participants. Over 600 students have applied for the 2021 program, and businesses are needed to support these youth and to match them with work opportunities. Employers can learn more about how to get involved with the program here.

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