Spill Contained and Cleanup Underway in Irwin Creek

Sharnelle Currence

On May 10, 2021, a resident reported puddles of fuel and an odor at a property located on Parker Drive in west Charlotte. The Charlotte Fire Department’s Hazmat Unit initially responded to the incident and placed absorbent booms in Irwin Creek where the fuel discharged.  Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services also responded and began working with the property owner who hired an environmental cleanup company.

The cleanup company has been working to fully contain and clean up the fuel from the creek and spill site. Visible sheen and odor are now confined to a small tributary of Irwin Creek just north of Remount Road.  An estimate of greater than 50 gallons was reported as the amount of the spill. No dead fish were observed.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services is continuing to work with the property owner and the company leasing the property to determine the source of the fuel spill. The environmental cleanup company will continue to use a combination of methods to remove fuel from the creek and clean up contaminated soil at the spill site.

Aerial view of the Irwin Creek fuel spill.

​Aerial view of the Irwin Creek fuel spill.