Six Suspects Charged in Series of Breaking and Entering and Auto Theft Cases

Charlotte, NC
Wallin, Jessica A.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Contact: Jessica Wallin, CMPD Public Affairs

                     ARRESTED (Note: Juveniles not pictured)

 Davis.pngWilliams.pngDavis 2.png

     Demarcus Davis                 Williams                   Jamil Davis

Detectives with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department’s University City Division, in conjunction with detectives with the Freedom, Metro, North and North Tryon Divisions and Detectives with the Mobile Enforcement Team, have charged six suspects for their involvement in a series of breaking and entering and auto theft cases.

On March 23, 2016, at approximately 11:41 a.m., Patrol and Crime Reduction Unit officers of the University City Division responded to multiple 911 calls regarding suspicious persons in the area of David Jennings Avenue and Gatesmill Avenue in a burgundy vehicle. The call was initiated out of concern due to a break-in in the neighborhood the previous day. Responding officers arrived and located a residence in the 4300 block of Gatesmill Avenue that had been forcibly entered and property taken by suspects.

Officers circulating the area quickly located and detained four individuals who were seen fleeing the area on foot. These suspects were identified as Demarcus Xavier Davis, DOB: 11/05/1999, Rasheed Emanuel Malik Williams, DOB: 01/23/1997, a 15-year-old male juvenile and a 14-year-old male juvenile. Officers also located two suspect vehicles, a burgundy vehicle and a white vehicle, that fled from officers. Officers followed the burgundy vehicle to the 12300 block of Scott Creek Drive, at which time the driver wrecked and then fled from the vehicle. He was apprehended and identified as Jamil Malikhakim Davis, DOB: 04/21/1998. The burgundy vehicle was identified as having been stolen earlier that day.

The driver of the white suspect vehicle was located and detained after he abandoned the vehicle on Ada Court. He was identified as a 15-year-old juvenile suspect. The white vehicle was identified as having been stolen earlier that day as well.

All six suspects were transported to police headquarters where they were interviewed by University City Division Detectives. Several of the suspects confessed to their involvement in the break-ins, including the attempted break-ins of two gun shops. At the conclusion of the interviews, Williams, Davis and the juveniles were charged with Felonious Breaking or Entering, Felonious Larceny After Breaking or Entering, Felonious Possession of Stolen Goods, and Felony Conspiracy to Commit Breaking or Entering. Davis was charged with Felonious Larceny of a Vehicle and Felonious Possession of a stolen vehicle. The 15-year-old juvenile that drove the white vehicle was charged with Felonious Larceny (Auto) and Felonious Possession of Stolen Goods. Detectives obtained secure custody orders for the three juvenile suspects. The three adult suspects were transported to the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office.

The investigation is ongoing and additional charges may be forthcoming. As additional information develops, it will be released by CMPD Public Affairs.

Thanks to alert citizens who were willing to call 911 and report the suspicious activity, as well as solid field work by responding officers, these six suspects were identified and arrested, solving multiples cases throughout the city. 

Anyone with additional information concerning these cases or the suspects is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 704.334.1600. To learn more about the Crime Stoppers mobile app, please visit For additional information about these cases please refer to the list of report numbers below.

Report numbers associated with these crimes:

Gatesmills Avenue (20160323-1252-00) Breaking and Entering
David Jennings Avenue (20160323-1641-00) Breaking and Entering
Pepperpike Way (20160322-1654-00) Breaking and Entering
Rozumny Drive (20160323-0924-01) Breaking and Entering and Auto Theft
Gun Outlet– 5115 N. Tryon Street (20160323-0159-00) Attempted Commercial Burglary
Hyatt Gun Store– 3332 Wilkinson Boulevard (20160323-0309-00) Attempted Commercial Burglary
Family Dollar – 3400 Wilkinson Boulevard (20160323-0320-00) Attempted Commercial Burglary
Windy Valley Drive (20160323-0316-00) Auto Theft
Morning Breeze Lane (20160321-0756-03) Auto Theft
Kennesaw Drive (20160322-0805-03) Auto Theft
Gusty Court (20160323-0736-00) Auto Theft
Long Grass Land (20160323-0739-01) Auto Theft