Shooting into Occupied Property Cases on the Rise


Charlotte, N.C. – (Wednesday, July 7, 2021) – During its weekly press conference this morning, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department provided information about an upward trend in cases where occupied homes and vehicles are being shot into.  27% more homes and vehicles have been shot into than last year at this time.  In many of the 499 cases this year, both children and adults have been struck by gunfire, and several have unfortunately lost their lives.

21-year-old Sherilyn "Alicia" Drew loved to learn, and had taught herself American Sign Language, Korean and German.  She was also a rising senior in her studies for a biology degree from Georgia State University and had returned home to visit family during summer break. Unfortunately, just after midnight on May 31, 2021, Alicia was shot and killed by suspects who pulled in front of her family's residence and opened fire.  Alicia's family has given homicide detectives the photographs at the end of this release, and together they hope someone in the community will come forward with information that will lead to the arrest of her killers.  The public is reminded information can be left anonymously with Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600 or  Any information leading to an arrest in this case is eligible for up to a $5,000 reward.

When occupied homes and vehicles are shot into, information from the public is pivotal when it comes to making arrests.  These cases are generally retaliatory in nature, and detectives rely heavily upon information from witnesses and evidence gathered from the scene to solve the cases.  During this morning's press conference, Lieutenant Joan Gallant highlighted seven cases where arrests were made.  A short synopsis of each is provided, below, alongside their respective report numbers:

  • Trejuan Coleman, DOB: 02/07/1987, was charged for shooting into a vehicle with four children and two adults inside of it.  The ages of the children inside the vehicle were one, four, seven and seven-year-old, and the one-year-old was unfortunately struck by one of the several rounds Coleman fired into the vehicle (20210605-1701-00)
  • Vadoll Byars, DOB: 06/04/1994, was charged for shooting into an occupied vehicle with the victim's own firearm.  The suspect, who knew the victim, stole the victim's purse, removed the firearm from the purse, and shot into the victim's vehicle while she was leaving.  She was struck in the shoulder (20210522-0145-00).
  • David Hollowell, DOB: 04/28/1981, was charged for shooting into a vehicle on I-485.  This incident occurred during peak traffic volumes shortly before 8:00 a.m. on Monday, May 14, 2021.  Howell did not know the two people inside the vehicle but shot into the vehicle after a merging dispute.  The victims were fortunately unharmed (20210514-0759-01).
  • Christopher Garland, DOB: 11/24/2001, was arrested for a May 1, 2021 incident where he shot into an apartment in Tanglewood following a fight.  Fortunately, the infant and four adults inside the residence were not physically harmed (20210501-0148-00).
  • Tammy Boyd, DOB: 06/09/1998, and Katelyn McIntyre, DOB: 04/20/1999, were charged for shooting into a vehicle occupied by three people, one of which was a three-year-old child.  The shooting, which was posted on social media, stemmed from a fight between a number of females.  Fortunately, no one was physically harmed (20210429-1101-00).
  • Shirez Sinclair, DOB: 12/23/1995, was charged for shooting into an occupied apartment following proactive, third-shift officers' attention to detail.  On April 26, 2021, officers heard gunshots and then saw a vehicle being driven at a high rate of speed with no lights on.  Officers were able to make contact with the vehicle, and their investigation ended with the arrest of Sinclair.  They discovered the shooting was the result of an illicit drug transaction in the parking lot of a CVS pharmacy.  Multiple shell casings were found in the area, and a home with a six-year-old girl and an adult had been struck.  Fortunately, no one was physically harmed (20210426-0053-00).
  • Jamel Daniels, DOB: 02/19/1998, and Tyrell Brace, DOB: 01/02/1997, were arrested following a shooting that occurred on April 13, 2021 in a parking lot of the Tanglewood Apartments.  Their dispute, which began when Daniels nearly ran over someone with his car, turned into gunfire.  An apartment was struck during the gunfire, but fortunately, the four victims inside, which included a three and five-year-old, were physically unharmed (20210413-1853-01).

Again, officers successfully cleared each of these cases through a combination of gathering evidence and information from the public.  Anyone with information about a case where a vehicle or home is shot into is asked to leave the information anonymously with Crimes Stoppers.  Any information left with Crime Stoppers concerning shooting into occupied property cases is eligible for up to $1,000 when it leads to an arrest.


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