Put it Out. All the Way. Every Time.


Put it Out. All the Way. Every Time.

All Routes

When traveling along the LYNX Blue Line, at a CATS bus stop or using a CATS Park and Ride, it is important to practice fire safety, including being a responsible smoker. You must: Put it Out. All the Way. Every Time.

City ordinance does not allow smoking on any city-owned property, including any LYNX Blue Line platform and all CATS property. If you smoke around the LYNX Blue Line or CATS property, remember to properly dispose of all smoking materials in the appropriate receptacles. Do NOT discard cigarettes in mulch or potted plants. Mulch is a combustible material that can be easily ignited by improperly discarded smoking materials. Hundreds of small and large fires are started this way every year.

If you see anything smoking in a landscape bed, put it out if you can and report it. If the burning material is not thoroughly wet or removed, it can re-ignite. Report any smoke or fire by calling 9-1-1.

Contact our customer service team with any questions at 704-336-7433.