All LYNX Stations Closed This Holiday Weekend


Rider's Alert

Effective Dates: September 5-7

Attn:  All LYNX Stations Closed This Holiday Weekend


The LYNX Blue Line will NOT be operating on September 5-7. Track and maintenance work will occur during this holiday weekend, and there will be NO train service on these dates


LYNX Connector

LYNX Blue Line Light Rail Stations will be accessible via CATS LYNX Connector bus service.  Each station will have signage directing you to the nearest bus stop.  CATS will be using many existing bus stops for the LYNX Connector Service.  Look for the bus stops that say "LYNX Connector".  When the bus approaches, the headway sign will also say "LYNX Connector".

What's the schedule?

The LYNX Connector bus service will operate the same modified weekend schedule as the LYNX Blue Line; however, customers should anticipate delays and adjust their travel times.

How do I pay?

Regular local fare is required and transfers are provided upon request once fare is paid.  Tickets can be purchased at LYNX stations from the ticket vending machines.  If you are paying with cash on the bus, you'll need to have exact change.  The bus driver cannot make change and the fareboxes do not accept credit cards.  You may also choose to pay via the CATS PASS mobile app.  Remember to activate your ticket and show it to the bus operator as you board.

Customers should also note the pickup and drop off location for Rt. 20 will be moved inside the transit center to Bay K.


 For additional information regarding these changes, please contact CATS Customer Service at 704-336-7433.