Allstate Hot Chocolate 5K and 15K: Routes 4, 17, 23


Route Detours

4 Belmont, 17 Commonwealth, 23 Shamrock
On Saturday, February 22, 2020 several bus routes will operate on a detour because of the Allstate Hot Chocolate 5K and 15K running race.
Rout 4 Belmont
Route 4 Belmont will not operate outbound on Caldwell in Uptown, but instead will use Davidson Street between Trade Street and 11th Street.
Inbound trips on route 4 Belmont will use the regular route.
Route  17 Commonwealth
Route 17 Commonwealth will depart the Charlotte Transit Center outbound, and will operate on Trade Street to Kings Dr, turn left on Kings Dr and continue straight to the regular route.  Outbound trips on route 17 Commonwealth will not use Davidson or 7th Street.
Inbound, Route 17 Commonwealth will use the regular route to Central and 7th, but will remain on Central/Kings Drive to 4th Street, turn right on 4th to the Charlotte Transit Center.
Route 23 Shamrock
Outbound, route 23 Shamrock will use the regular route to Davidson and Parkwood, turn right on Parkwood and continue onto The Plaze to 36th Street, and resume the regular route from there.
Inbound, route 23 Shamrock will use the regular route to The Plaza and 36th Street, continue on The Plaza onto Parkwood, then turn left on Davidson and resume the regular route.