Route 42 – to Carowinds



Route 42 – to Carowinds

Effective:  June 10, 2019

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Beginning, June 10, 2019, the Route 42 Carowinds will provide bus service to Carowinds Park every day that the park is open to the public. Employees of Carowinds and citizens wanting to go visit the park can hop aboard the 42 Carowinds at the I-485 LYNX Blue Line Station to ride to access the Carowinds Paramount Park.  

Trips start as early as 8:40 a.m. and go until one hour after the park is closed every day that the park is open for business. One-way fare is $2.20. To learn more about CATS and its services, please call 704-336-RIDE or visit us on the web at