CATS Wants to Remind You...


All Routes

CATS wants to remind you to stay alert and be aware of your surroundings at all times.  Keep your eyes moving, reduce distractions by removing headphones and limit time spent looking down at your phone.  Be vigilant about your safety. If at any time you feel unsafe or witness suspicious activity call 911 or use the CATS SeeSay mobile app.

In an effort to keep you safe, CATS maintains well-lit bus stops and train stations.  There are cameras on all buses, trains and station platforms.  Blue light emergency phones are located on all platforms and in CATS parking decks/lots and transit centers. CATS also has 24-hour law enforcement patrolling its parking decks. The CATS SeeSay mobile app​ is monitored 24 hours-a-day and allows riders to send a report directly to law enforcement.  You can also report if a light is out at your stop or it needs some other type of maintenance.  

Thank you for riding.  CATS will continue its work to keep you safe!