Using Chip-enabled Technology on TVMs - All Routes


Using Chip-enabled Technology on TVMs

All Routes

CATS implemented an added layer of security to its ticket vending machines (TVMs) on all platforms of the LYNX Blue Line.

All TVMs are equipped with chip-enabled credit card readers for riders to insert their cards, like other credit card retailers. All chip-activated credit cards MUST be inserted into the TVM or the card will not process successfully. Look for a blue light will flash at the bottom of the credit card reader to insert your card.

Customers will then put your PIN number or zip code, if prompted. You will only be prompted to put in a PIN if your bank requires an extra level of security. If your card is not chip-enabled, you must swipe your card on the side of the reader.

If your card is denied, you will receive a message that says "Card Not Approved" with a denial sound. If payment is approved, the reader will sound indicating for you to remove your credit card. All card transactions on the ticket vending machines will run as a credit transaction.

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