Panther Pre-Season Game - Routes 40X, 46X, 52X, 64X, 65X & 74X


Panther Pre-Season Game

Effective:  August 17, 2018

Routes 40X, 46X, 52X, 64X, 65X & 74X 

On Friday afternoon, August 17, 2018, routes 40X Albemarle Express, 46X Harrisburg Express, 52X Idlewild Express, 64X Independence Express, 65X Matthews Express and 74X Union County Express will detour for Panther game day activities.

These buses will leave Johnson & Wales Way and take the regular route to 4th and Graham, continue on 4th to Mint Street, right Mint Street, left 3rd Street, right Brevard, right Stonewall, right College and resume the regular route.