Rider's Alert - LYNX Blue Line



Rider's Alert

LYNX Blue Line

Over the next few weeks, LYNX riders will notice the enhancing of checking for valid tickets by CATS Security personnel.  CATS Security personnel will be checking for valid tickets in fare zones, on trains and when customers are exiting the train.  Riders should be prepared to show a valid ticket upon request.

Riders found without a ticket or an expired ticket may be subject to a civil citation of $50.  If a customer indicates a ticket vending machine (TVM) is not working, CATS Security personnel will be able to confirm when TVMs are not working.  Each LYNX Station has at least two TVMs, typically one on each platform.  If a machine is not working, customers are instructed to use the other TVM at the station to purchase a ticket regardless of which direction they are traveling.

Customers with a smart phone can also download the CATS Pass Mobile App​ to purchase their ticket or order a pass via the CATS E-commerce site.   Customers using the CATS Pass Mobile App who do not have a credit card may add funds to their cash wallet to purchase a ticket.  Adding funds to your cash wallet can be done at the Charlotte Transportation Center, located at 310 E. Trade St.  The CATS Pass Mobile App does offer one way, one day and weekly passes.​

Customers are reminded that ten ride passes are not valid on the LYNX Blue Line, and the use of an ADA/Senior or Student ticket does require a valid Medicare of Transit ID.  

To learn more about CATS and its services call 704-336-7433 or visit us on the web at ridetransit.org.