Proposed Service Change Survey - Route 60 – Tyvola Road



Proposed Service Change Survey 

Route 60 – Tyvola Road

Late June, Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) is proposing to restructure the Route 60 Tyvola Road.  The new service would run more often, start and end service earlier (5am) and later (Midnight), plus introduce Sunday service.  The new 60 would retain the same routing between South Stream Blvd and the Tyvola LYNX Station, as well as limited service to Tyvola Senior Center in Marion Diehl Park.  Between South Stream Boulevard and Yorkmont Road, the new 60 would stay on Tyvola Road.  Bus stops on South Stream Boulevard, North Falls Drive, and Water Ridge Parkway, would be replaced with new bus stops on Tyvola Road.  The new 60 would also continue to serve the Veterans Administration Health Center inside the property, during weekdays and Saturdays.

North of the VA Health Center, the Route 60 would be discontinued, including service on Old Steele Creek Road, Wilkinson Boulevard, Ashley Road, Meredith Avenue, Pruitt Avenue, and Friar Street.   Route 25 Clanton / Midtown would continue to serve bus stops between the VA and West Boulevard weekdays during morning and evening peaks.  Route 235 Jackson Park would continue to serve bus stops on Old Steele Creek Road between West Boulevard and Seymour Drive.  To mitigate the loss of Route 60 to the CW Williams Health Center on Wilkinson Boulevard, CATS is also proposing to adjust the Route 235 to be re-routed to Wilkinson Boulevard and Ashley Road between Pruitt Street and Meredith Avenue.

Your feedback helps CATS provide better and more effective bus service. Please complete the survey about the proposed mitigation for the discontinued 591 Airport Connector-Archdale.

If adopted, the proposed changes would be implemented, effective Monday, June 26, 2017.