Providence Division - Suspect arrested for multiple residential breaking and enterings


Friday, March 30, 2018,

On 3/16/2018, Officers assigned to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department's Providence Division responded to a report of a residential break-in at the The Residence at SouthPark apartment complex located at 4300 Sharon Road.  The victim had been out of town and when he returned he noticed that someone had stolen the keys to his company car, a 2015 Range Rover, out of his apartment and had driven the vehicle over 6000 miles while he was out of town.    It was determined that while the victim was out of town, Quinnton Jones, the concierge for the apartment complex, had accessed the victim's apartment as a part of his job to allow a cleaning service to clean the apartment.  Jones did not have permission to remove any items from the apartment or to drive the victim's vehicle.  During the course of the investigation a witness reported that Jones had been seen driving a vehicle that matched the victim's SUV on multiple occasions.  The detective investigating this case obtained a warrant on Jones for stealing the victim's vehicle.  CMPD report number 20180316-0641-00.

On 3/23/2018, another resident at the same apartment complex contacted CMPD to report that someone had entered his apartment and had been sleeping in the residence while the victim had been out of town.  It appeared that a key had been used to gain entry into the residence as there was no signs of forced entry.   The victim also reported that this unknown suspect had stolen a check from his checkbook which had been left inside of the apartment.  In addition, the suspect had forged the check and attempted to cash it at two separate banks.   Upon further investigation, it was determined that Quinnton Jones had been given permission to enter the victim's apartment to care for his fish while the victim had been out of town, but Jones did not have permission to remove any items from the apartment or to sleep in the residence.  CMPD report number 20180323-1708-00.

On 3/23/2018 Quinnton Jones was fired from the apartment complex and banned from being on the property.

On 3/29/2018, The Residence at South Park maintenance staff attempted to enter a 3rd resident's apartment to handle a routine HVAC repair request.  The resident was out of town when the employees entered the apartment to make the repairs.  Once inside, the employees located Quinnton Jones illegally inside the residence.  CMPD officers responded and placed Jones under arrest.  CMPD report number 20180329-1634-02.

Quinnton Jones was interviewed and then transported to the custody of the Mecklenburg County Jail.   He has been charged with Larceny of a Vehicle, Trespassing, Misdemeanor Breaking and Entering, 2 counts of Felony Breaking and Entering, and 2 counts of Larceny after Breaking and Entering.