Charlotte, N.C. – (Friday, March 18, 2022)- Throughout the week of March 13-18, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has received a series of calls for service from motorists being flagged down or alerted to a vehicle stopped on the shoulder of an Interstate, Interstate exit/entry ramp or interchange with a major Interstate. Citizens have reported that one or more men who appear to be stranded and actively attempt to stop motorists by waving their arms and gesturing. The interstates include I-485, I-77 and I-85. 

The shoulders of Interstate highways are high-danger areas and frequent crashes involving injury have occurred in recent months involving inattention and distraction. The shoulder is NOT a good place to stop. CMPD asks that if you observe a motorist stranded on the shoulder who appears to be in distress or is actively attempting to flag you or other motorists to stop, please call 911 and allow officers with emergency lights and marked vehicles to respond for assistance. 

Please give the 911 operator as much information as possible regarding the number of people, clothing description, make/model/color of the vehicle and an accurate location.

CMPD does not discourage good Samaritans from assisting others. However, we wish to minimize the safety risk to motorists and ask that you call us and allow us to handle these situations.