CATS to offer free rides to bicyclists from May 6-12

​Charlotte Area Transit System invites customers and their bicycles to Rack and Ride for free transit rides from May 6-12, on any CATS service, including the LYNX Blue Line.


Riders can take advantage of Rack and Ride week in three simple steps:

  1. Customers can ride their bikes to any CATS bus stop, light rail station or park and ride location.
  2. Customers should notify the bus driver that they intend to rack their bike. On the LYNX Blue Line, customers should find an empty hanging bike rack and ensure their bike is no blocking any doors.  
  3. After loading their bike onto the rack (either on the front of the bus or inside the train), riders will enjoy a FREE trip to their destination.


CATS provides other accommodations for bicyclists throughout the system. All of CATS' owned park and ride locations are equipped with bike lockers or racks. On the northern end of the LYNX Blue Line alone there is enough room for 275 bikes to be stored.

Riders can learn how to Rack and Ride by watching this YouTube video. For more information on CATS bicycle accommodations, visit